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We are creative engineers, visionary UX designersand mad scientists spirited to bring more  awareness, compassion and wisdom into the world through technology. With that intention in heart and mind we help value- aligned visionaries create immersive experiences and products your users love & can't have enough of.

what we do


A selection of projects our team is or has been working on.
Since 2021
Infinity Speaks

Meditative VR Games using Biofeedback

At Infinity Speaks we bring spirituality and gaming together in mindful and engaging VR journeys.
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Neurofeedback Platform for Mental Health and Wellbeing

With neuromore we develop the first platform for neurofeedback solutions to improve wellbeing and address mental health issues.
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Mobile App for World's Largest Running Community

We built a mobile platform with web portal for social running communities across the world.
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Hitzeroad U.G.

An MVP for a Social Event Planning App

We built a complete MVP of a mobile app for easy event scheduling with friends.
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Tactual Labs

HCI Research Paper about Novel Gesture Interaction Technique

Developed a gesture interaction technique using affordances like twisting a bottle cap for virtual input through Machine Learning.
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how We can help you


We help value-aligned startups, innovators and larger businesses design, develop and productize impactful & user-centered software solutions.

Product & Strategy Consulting

We advice you on how to design, develop, deploy and productize innovative solutions your customers love and want to pay for.

XR & Game Development

With our passion for VR, AR and soul-touching experiences we manifest your ideas into apps & games, from design via development to deployment.

Mobile & Web Development

We help you develop scalable, high quality mobile and web apps and to bring your solution to iPhones, Android devices and browsers.


We design & develop HCI research prototypes & experiments using cutting-edge hardware including wearables, VR and biotech.
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Our Core

About Us

We are a small team of dynamic, interdisciplinary & heart-centered visionaries who share a fascination for creative technologies, awe-inducing experiences, great stories, holistic education, ancient wisdom and integral ways of expanding human consciousness. To us the essence of Vivid Spirit is a philosophy of bringing more compassionate, purposeful, intelligent and courageous actions into the world. We intend to embody those principles on a daily basis by helping entrepreneurs like you on your journey and our users through our products and experiences.
Julius Rudolph-Rahman
Solution Architect, Engineering Lead

Julius brings broad product development experience across 6 companies together with his fascination for cutting-edge tech and consciousness. He found his Ikigai in developing innovative digital products for social impact, more awareness and deeper connections.

Shama Rudolph-Rahman
AI & UX Expert, Storywriter, Neuroscientist

Shama is our multi-disciplinary experience designer, award-winning entrepreneur, neuroscientist and creative technologist with a focus on Human-AI-Interaction (HAI). With her startup Neurocreate she develops AI collaboration tools based on results from her PhD focused on the neuroscience of creativity and innovation frameworks.

Health & Well-being
Personal Growth
Social Impact
Holistic Education
Next-Gen Technologies


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